STEP | Healthy Lifestyle

STEP is an ‘Active-lifestyle’ based community which follows a holistic approach for better diabetes management, keeping regular, monitored walking activity at its core.

For better diabetes management, a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle go hand-in-hand.

To promote an active health routine, with little cardio activities included in the day… presenting – STEP.

Focusing on the flagship activity, that is an everyday walking exercise, along with making more minor changes in daily routine can significantly impact on reducing the risk of Diabetes.

American Heart Association ( recommends taking a minimum of 10,000 steps per day (approx. 6.4 km per day) to improve health and decrease the risk of various NCDs (Non-communicable diseases; viz. Diabetes, Hypertension, Cancer).

About Us

STEP is a Conexus Foundation initiative, supported by Sanofi India in association with Department of Health, Government of Goa.


  • This contest is restricted to the current residents of Goa

  • Children from ages 10 – 16 are eligible for this contest (alongwith their parents/guardians)

  • There are no registration fees for this contest

  • Participants should be regularly active

Registration Process

  • In order to participate, Children and Parent/Guardian Pair need to download the
    STEP mobile application.

  • You need to create your account on the mobile application

  • After account creation, click on "Start the Competition"